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    • 23 Mar 2020
    • 18:30 - 20:30
    • Portuguese Embassy

    Wine, Portugal and Climate Change

    Pioneering wine-making that meets the challenges of our time

    by Rob Symington, Associate Director @ Symington Family Estates

    Monday, 23 March 2020, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

    By Kind Permission of His Excellency Manuel Lobo Antunes,
    The Portuguese Ambassador, the talk and reception will be held at:

    The Residence of The Portuguese Ambassador
    12 Belgrave Square, London, 
    SW1X 8PN

    In this talk Rob will provide an overview of how his family port and wine company is pioneering sustainable innovation and using their resources to respond proactively to the climate emergency and the overlapping ecological crises facing humanity today.



    The Symingtons of Scottish, English and Portuguese descent have been Port producers in northern Portugal since 1882. For 5 generations they have combined their passion for producing fine wines and Ports with a deep commitment to the region’s land and people. Today, ten Symingtons work across their four Port houses: Graham’s, Cockburn’s, Dow’s and Warre’s, as well as their Douro wine brands – Quinta do Vesuvio, Quinta do Ataíde, Altano and Prats & Symington (producers of Chryseia and Post Scriptum). In 2019 they launched their first wines from Quinta da Fonte Souto, a new estate in the Portalegre sub-region of the Alto Alentejo. The Symington family are the leading vineyard owners in the Douro valley, with 26 Quintas covering 2,462 hectares and 1,114 ha of vineyard. All their vineyards are sustainably managed under a minimum intervention certification and 130 ha are organically farmed, the largest area of organic vineyard in northern Portugal. The family have invested significantly in viticulture R&D to adapt to climate change and have an ambitious sustainability plan.



    Rob is a member of the 5th generation of Symingtons to work at Symington Family Estates (SFE). As well as being Head of Sustainability, he works with his colleagues, siblings and cousins on projects spanning Communications, People & Culture, and Commercial Strategy. 

    In 2019 Rob led the team that achieved B Corporation status for Symington, becoming the first wine company in Portugal to take this step and commit to the highest standards of ethical business practices, and social and environmental performance. The family are deeply concerned about the threat of climate change and – as members of International Wineries for Climate Action – the business is working on a comprehensive plan (Mission 2025) to reduce its carbon emissions, as well as conducting pioneering R&D to adapt to the impacts of climate change in the vineyard. In January 2020 they launched The Symington Impact Fund to provide financial support for organisations addressing social and environmental issues in the regions where they work.

    Before joining his family business, Rob worked in London for 10 years – starting his career in business consulting with Ernst & Young before co-founding and building Escape the City - a business that helps professionals make meaningful career changes in pursuit of work that matters to them and to the world.

    Ann Waterfall Student Award 2020

    The talk will be followed by the presentation to

    Hannah Shakespeare of Cambridge University


    As you know previous events have been oversubscribed and preference will be given to APS members during the ticket allocation process. Ticket prices include drinks following the talk.

    £15 Student (under 25)

    £25 APS members

    £45 APS joint members

    £35 Guests

    For further information please email us at

    • 29 Apr 2020
    • 09:30 - 17:30
    • Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3RB
    • 120

    The Anglo-Portuguese Society presents

    Chinese Porcelain in the Iberian Peninsula, 16th-18th Centuries:

    An Archaeological Perspective on Trade and Consumption

    in association with the East Asia Research Seminar, SOAS University of London

    image: Blue-and-white bowl with gold leaf applied over the glaze. Church of Santa María de los Corporales, Daroca, Zaragoza

    Chinese porcelain shards in Habsburg Spain’

    Wednesday 29 April 2020


    Mary Sumner House

    24 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3RB

    This one-day seminar will debate the trade of Chinese porcelain in the Iberian Peninsula, to understand some of the first interactions that occurred between the East and West in Early Modern period and discuss the way these early imports were consumed, while exploring their social, economic, cultural and symbolic importance. 

    image: Blue-and-white armorial ewer with Iranian silver mounts. Victoria and Albert Museum, London

    ‘Ming porcelain made to order for the Iberian market in the 16th and early 17th centuries’


    Beth Gardiner

    Beth Gardiner is an independent researcher based in London, where she is on the Council of the Oriental Ceramic Society and the co-editor of the Society’s Newsletter. She completed her Masters in Art History from Sotheby’s Institute in London. Her current research is on the 1558 shipwreck of the Espadarte off the coast of Mozambique. She published her first article on early 17th century Chinese porcelain discovered in Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in North America. 

    Teresa Canepa

    Teresa Canepa is an independent researcher and lecturer in Chinese and Japanese export art, and is currently member of the Council of the Oriental Ceramic Society in London and co-editor of the Society's Newsletter. She completed a PhD in Art History at Leiden University, The Netherlands, and is author of Silk, Porcelain and Lacquer: China and Japan and their trade with Western Europe and the New World, 1500-1644 (Paul Holberton Publishing, London, 2016); and Jingdezhen to the World: The Lurie Collection of Chinese Export Porcelain from the Late Ming Dynasty (Ad Ilissvm, London, 2019). She has published a number of articles and lectured widely on these subjects. 

    Tânia Casimiro

    Tânia Casimiro’s research focuses on early modern period global contacts of people and objects. On the more theoretical level, she deals with frameworks concerning how people and objects interact in the formation of identities, and how can they reflect global contacts. Although she has worked and published sites and collections from the Iron Age through to the 20th century, her major area of research is medieval and post-medieval archaeology (8th-20th centuries). This vast chronology has allowed her to observe and develop frameworks and methodologies for interpreting long-term structural changes in social and cultural structures.

    She holds a research and teaching position at NOVA University of Lisbon. She has published 138 articles and book chapters, three books, and three edited books, organized 12 conferences (currently she is organizing the Society for Historical Archaeology conference in Lisbon in 2021, the third time outside North America and the first time in a non-English speaking country), and has given 102 talks in conferences (both invited and by call).

    She was awarded the first PhD grant in Post-Medieval Archaeology in Portugal by FCT (2006), one Fulbright scholarship (2011), and two FCT postdoctoral fellowships (2012-2015 and 2016-2019). She was the first female PhD in Historical Archaeology in Portugal and the first dealing with the subject of globalization in archaeology.

    She supervised the excavation of over 20 archaeological sites and studied collections from more than 50 sites supervised by other archaeologists. This has given her the experience to deal with collections and conduct work in archaeological archives. She combines empirical experience as a field archaeologist and material culture specialist using current theoretical debates.

    José Pedro Henriques

    José Pedro Henriques is an archaeologist working in Portugal, mostly in the grater Lisbon area. Since his first years as a student he developed an interest in Eastern ceramics, especially Chinese porcelain found on urban areas. He was the first archaeologist in Portugal to present and publish a paper exclusively about porcelain from archaeological contexts (2011), when he presented the results of the eastern objects found in one of the most important Early Modern palaces in Lisbon. This research has become a reference in Portugal among archaeologists. Since then other papers were published, especially focusing in 16th and 17th century archaeological contexts and how Chinese porcelain was an everyday commodity in early modern Portuguese households.

    Telma Tavares

    Telma Tavares is a master student at NOVA University of Lisbon. She is developing her dissertation about the consumption of porcelain in Almada, a small city south of Lisbon where these commodities have been found in contexts from the early 16th to the early 19th century. This will permit to understand more than 300 years of eastern ceramics consumption not in a major capital but in a smaller scale urban centre. She has recently published a paper about the import of kinrande into Portugal during the early modern age. 

    Cinta Krahe 

    Cinta Krahe holds a PhD in Art History from Leiden University (2014), an M.A in Chinese Art and Archaeology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) (1990), University of London, and a B.A in Art History from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1988)She teaches “East Asian Decorative Arts and Material Culture” at the Universidad de Alcalá (2003-20) and the Universidad Nebrija (2011-2020), Madrid; she was one of the curators of the exhibition Orientando la Mirada. Arte Asiático en colecciones públicas madrileñas (Madrid, 2009) and was also in charge of cataloguing the Chinese porcelain salvaged from the San Diego galleon in the Naval Museum, Madrid. She is a member of the research group Arts of Asia (Complutense University of Madrid) and is author of Chinese Porcelain in Habsburg Spain (Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica, 2016) and La China Imperial (1506-1795), (Editorial Síntesis, 2017). Her current line of research is focused in the study of Chinese porcelain in the paintings of the Prado Museum for the forthcoming edition of the book “Ceramics in the Paintings of Prado National Museum” and in the study of the Chinese and Japanese porcelain collection of Queen Isabella Farnese (1692-1766) in the palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia. She has published a number of articles and has participated in numerous seminars, lectures and courses in different universities around the world.



    09:30 am
    Opening remarks

    Chair: Beth Mckillop (President of the Oriental Ceramic Society, London)

      10:00 am

    Teresa Canepa and Beth Gardiner (London)

    Ming porcelain from the Portuguese shipwreck Espadarte (1558)

    10:30 am

    José Pedro Henriques and Tânia Manuel Casimiro (Lisbon)

    Ming porcelain in Lisbon (1500-1755). Trade and consumption

    11:00 am

    Telma Tavares (Lisbon)

    The big picture. Chinese porcelain in Almada (16th-18th centuries)

    11:30 am

    José Pedro Henriques (Lisbon)

    Rise and fall. Ming porcelain in one Portuguese domestic context during the first half of the 17th century

    12:00 pm
    Q&A 12:30 pm


    1:00 pm

    Chair: Stacey Pierson (Senior Lecturer in the Department of the History of Art)

    Cinta Krahe (Madrid)

    Chinese porcelain shards in Habsburg Spain

    2:00 pm

    Teresa Canepa (London)

    Ming porcelain made to order for the Iberian market in the 16th and early 17th centuries

    2:30 pm

    Tânia Manuel Casimiro (Lisbon)

    Made in Portugal: Counterfeit Lisbon ‘porcelain’ (1570-1700)

    3:00 pm
    Q&A 3:30 pm
    Closing Remarks 4:00 pm
    Coffee/Tea 4:30-5:30 pm

    An optional catered lunch will be provided:

    Seasonal Meat, Fish & Vegetarian Sandwiches

    Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

    Fruit and Cake Platter

    Fruit Juice and Water

    £11 (please confirm when registering for this seminar)

    in association with

    • 19 May 2020
    • 19:00 - 23:00
    • The Victorian Bathhouse

    The Anglo-Portuguese Society Annual Charity Dinner

    - An evening for the senses - 

    Tuesday 19 May 2020


    The Victorian Bathhouse

    7-8 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3TJ

    Items that have been donated will be auctioned or raffled to raise money towards the nominated Charities chosen by H.E. Manuel Lobo Antunes and Dra. Cristina Pucarinho the Portuguese Consul General in London.

    Further details to follow

    For corporate tables, donations and general enquiries email us:

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