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The Anglo-Portuguese Society is an organisation that promotes cultural, educational, and social ties between the United Kingdom and Portugal. The society traces its roots back to the early 20th century and has played a significant role in fostering understanding and friendship between the two countries.

The society was officially established in 1938 as the Anglo-Portuguese Club. Its founding members sought to create a platform for British and Portuguese individuals to come together, exchange ideas, and develop closer relationships. The club aimed to promote cultural exchange, facilitate business connections, and provide support to the British community living in Portugal and the Portuguese community in the UK.

During its early years, the club organised a range of social events, including dinners, dances, and talks by prominent speakers from both countries. These events provided a space for people to network, share experiences, and celebrate the cultural heritage of both nations. The club also initiated language courses, art exhibitions, and film screenings to promote understanding and appreciation of Portuguese and British culture.

The outbreak of World War II brought significant challenges to the club, as diplomatic relations between the two countries became strained. However, the club continued to operate and support its members through difficult times. After the war, the club played an essential role in fostering reconciliation and rebuilding ties between the UK and Portugal.

In 1950, the club was rebranded as the Anglo-Portuguese Society, reflecting its broader mission and expanding activities. The society became a registered charity and continued to expand its cultural, educational, and social initiatives. It organized lectures, exhibitions, and concerts to showcase the rich history, arts, and traditions of both nations.

The society also supported educational exchanges and scholarships, enabling students from Portugal and the UK to study abroad and deepen their understanding of each other's cultures. It facilitated business connections through networking events and provided assistance to British expatriates in Portugal and Portuguese residents in the UK.

Over the years, the Anglo-Portuguese Society has thrived and expanded its reach. It has collaborated with numerous cultural institutions, universities, and organizations to promote Portuguese and British arts, literature, and education. The society has actively engaged in philanthropic activities, supporting charitable causes in both countries.

Today, the Anglo-Portuguese Society continues to foster strong ties between the UK and Portugal. We organises a wide range of events, including lectures, exhibitions, and social gatherings, to promote cultural understanding and friendship. The society plays an important role in strengthening the bilateral relationship, encouraging dialogue, and deepening mutual appreciation between the two nations.

Through its ongoing efforts, the Anglo-Portuguese Society remains a vital institution in preserving and promoting the historical, cultural, and social connections between the people of the United Kingdom and Portugal.

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