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Autumn 2018

We are pleased to announce that The Friends of Music has decided to continue to offer tickets to its Eaton Square Concerts to members of The Anglo-Portuguese Society for £10 instead of the standard adult price of £18.

Click here to visit the official website for full details about each concert and performing artists.

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Clara Macedo Cabral, APS Member

"Esta é a história verídica de uma inglesa apaixonada por cavalos que chegou a Portugal nos anos sessenta com o sonho de aprender a tourear. Determinada, aventureira e apoiada por famílias portuguesas importantes, Ginnie Dennistoun - que escolheria o nome artístico Virginia Montsol - não só venceu todas as barreiras como se tornou uma pequena celebridade no mundo fechado, elitista e masculino dos toiros, arrebatando o público com a sua elegância e beleza.

Na Chamusca do Ribatejo, onde passou a residir, Ginnie viveu em segredo um grande romance com o toureiro que fora seu mestre. Mas como se sentiria esta rapariga de vinte e poucos anos, alternando entre a Inglaterra dos Swinging Sixties, da emancipação da mulher, dos Beatles, da construção de uma sociedade mais igualitária, e o Portugal salazarista, pobre e marialva, onde as mulheres deviam ser obedientes e discretas e a sua relação com um homem mais velho era um escândalo?" (source: wook)

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Available to buy online at:



Tim Motion, APS Member


The Roman Catholic Church of St James in Twickenham has commissioned a pair of stained glass windows to commemorate the sacrifices of the Portuguese in the First World War.

The two stained glass windows were dedicated by His Excellency Manuel Lobo Antunes LVO, Ambassador of Portugal and Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE DL, on 9th April 2018, to mark the Centenary Anniversary of the Battle of the Lys. These two War Memorial Windows were designed by Caroline Benyon, Fellow of the Master Glass Painters. They are a First World War Memorial to the Portuguese.

The nearest window commemorates the humanitarian work of Dom Manuel II, the last King of Portugal, and a member of this Parish from 1913 to 1932, when living in exile at Fulwell Park. At the outbreak of War, The King placed himself at the service of the British Red Cross, and toured hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. Thanks to his efforts, an Orthopaedic Military Hospital was opened in Shepherd’s Bush in 1916. His name is also associated with the Hammersmith Military Hospital and, above all, linked to the adoption of a new orthopaedic treatment method, which had been followed on the continent. This window depicts the Archangel Raphael, who healed the father of Tobit, surmounted on symbols of the healing work of the King. In the centre of the window is a Caravel, a Portuguese ship developed in the 15th Century, and the cipher of the Anglo-Portuguese Society, to reflect the financial support given by the Members of the Society. The second window is in honour of the Portuguese who fell in the First World War. Between 1914 and 1918 more than 100,000 Portuguese Troops went to war. They fought in Africa and in Flanders, suffering nearly 40,000 casualties. Almost 12,000 men died, including Africans from both Angola and Mozambique, serving in its Armed Forces. When the Battle of the Lys broke out on 9 April 1918, two depleted Portuguese Divisions, wanting in men and officers, had to take on nearly ten German Divisions, spread over three successive lines of attack. In this window, the Archangel Michael, who drove Lucifer from Heaven, surmounts symbols of the War. The small fleurs de lys, bear several allusions, including the name of the battle itself.



A.P.S. Daniel

In 2016, a member of the Anglo-Portuguese Society published a novel. It was a story which was never intended to be published. Writing had been a distraction, a way of escaping, at a time when it wasn’t possible to travel, a time of genuine and deep ‘saudades’ for Portugal.   Those who read the manuscript encouraged its publication. Others who have read it in print and had never been to Portugal, have been encouraged to take a holiday, inspired by the places it describes. The story travels to Oporto, to Lisbon, Coimbra, through Tomar, to the mountains of the Serra da Estrela, into the Alentejo and to the Algarve. It celebrates some of the country’s most delicious food.  The printing of 1000 copies of the book was sponsored. The original cover artwork was gifted by the Saltaire artist, Sharon Snaylam. Each copy has been given in exchange for a donation. The book has already raised over £3000 for charity.  Of Soup, Love and Revolution is a story of love, in all its guises, but not just that. It is a story of mystery, of travel and discovery, set against the backdrop of the Portuguese Revolution in 1974. Two story lines interweave centred around Rebecca, a young woman who feeling a certain disillusion with her life, decides to take a trip to Portugal and into her past. Her plans take on another dimension when she is asked to help find a friend’s sister who seems to have gone missing. She enters a world of political struggle, lies and deceit. Her journey takes her through some of Portugal’s most beautiful places at a time when the country was awakening from nearly half a century of dictatorship. The discoveries made on the way awaken the past as events, coincidences and chance meetings change lives for ever.  Please contact celeiros.press@btinternet. com if you would like one of the original 1000 copies. The book is now also available as an e-book and on Kindle.

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